The annual 4th of July Fly-In Breakfast is held at the Monmouth Airport and is hosted by the Monmouth Flying Club. An average of 1,200 breakfasts are served, and each year there are nearly 100 visiting aircraft. 

Come learn about aviation and enjoy a delicious breakfast every 4th of July at the Monmouth Airport from 7 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. If the weather is nice, pilots offer rides in their planes for $25 per person. The Monmouth Municipal Band plays from 8:30-9:30. 

The club was formed in 1966 to generate interest in aviation. They help aspiring pilots attain their first license and provide ongoing training for local pilots. The purpose of the Fly-In Breakfast is to celebrate aviation in Monmouth. Our airport has the distinction of being the oldest continually operated airport in Illinois. 


There is a special "red flag table" for pilots who fly in for the breakfast. Fly-ins get priority service, plus the pilot in command eats free.

Tickets can be bought at the Monmouth Airport, City Hall, from Flying Club members, and at Monmouth banks.

Learn more about the Flying Club on their Facebook page. 

2015 Monmouth Fly-In Breakfast from Tim Kramer on Vimeo.