Old Friends Talk Art meets on the second Wednesday of each month in the main gallery of the Buchanan Center for the Arts at 10 a.m. There are occasional field trips as well! Admission is free and refreshments are available. 

Since 2002, OFTA has hosted arts-related speakers of all types: painters, photographers, curators, dancers, potters, historians, collectors, gardeners and authors. You can learn more about OFTA here.

The artwork shown here was created by Monmouth College student Hannah Weis.

“Early in the winter of 2002, Jim De Young, Harlow Blum, Henry Joe, and John Vellenga talked informally about organizing some sort of arts-oriented programming that would provide better information, discussion, and intellectual stimulation for seniors in the community. We were all retired and had had long careers as artists and academics and imagined a time mid-morning that would offer some coffee, a short program, and discussion that might be extended into the lunch hour. Our target audience would be seniors and anyone else who might have a flexible schedule during the day. Our topics would be broadly arts oriented as befitted our own backgrounds and interests in the theatre, painting, ceramics, photography, and music.”

—Excerpt from “A Brief Note on the History of OFTA (Old Friends Talk Arts) on Its Tenth Anniversary,” by Jim De Young (2012)